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Awaken Beauty’s 1 Yr Anniversary

Awaken Beauty’s 1 Yr Anniversary

Today is a special day.

One year ago today I announced the opening of my organic home beauty business Awaken Beauty Byron Bay.

So much has happened in these last 12 months since the seeding of my dream and now I find myself here reflecting back on all that I’ve achieved so far.

Thank you to my beautiful friends, family and clients that have encouraged and supported me along my journey. I’m so proud of what I’ve created and can’t wait to keep on unveiling more inspiration to offer you more natural beauty products and services.

This blog is your place to find helpful information and free tutorials on organic skincare & make-up and to learn why it’s important that you lean away from ingredients that harm the planet and your health.

I hope you visit regularly and sign up to my emails on my Home page so that we can continue to connect.

Let me guide you along your journey to better self care in this busy world. I truly feel it’s my purpose to shine a light for women and lead the way back to nature where balance lies and wellness thrives.

xx Love Heidi

Awakening the Blog…

Awakening the Blog…

Gorgeous women,

I’m so inspired to be writing this very first blog post to you today. It’s almost 10 months since the launch of Awaken Beauty and in that time my readers have been receiving my articles only via email. The process of creating this website has been much like the nurturing of a small child. Many details to attend to, hiccups along the way but such a blessing once you see how it grows and what it has to offer the world.

Expanding this aspect of my work into a blog is pure magic. I’m so excited to connect with women from all over the world who are looking to learn more about wellness, natural beauty and ways to honour their body without exposure to unnecessary harmful ingredients.

Please join me on your own personal journey and discover your beauty that lies within.



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Hi, I'm Heidi Gillespie, a Holistic Beauty Therapist living in Byron Bay. I'm passionate about inspiring women just like you to transition into a natural beauty regime by introducing you to some amazing locally sourced organic products that are truly effective and amazing.