Are you feeling tired…


overwhelmed and depleted from giving constantly to everyone around you?


Let me give something to you.



Hi, I’m Heidi Gillespie and I’m a Holistic Beauty Therapist living in the beautiful healing region of NSW Australia, Byron Bay. I source local organic skincare and make-up lines to give organic beauty treatments to women, helping them transition to a natural beauty regime and restore balance in their body, mind & spirit.


I’m not your typical Beauty Therapist… 

I’m a nature lover and a free spirit and I believe that feeling beautiful shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. I’ve become passionate about informing women just like you of the toxic dangers in many main-stream beauty products and I provide free education on natural options that are amazing and still get results.

I advocate using organic skincare and embracing food as medicine to heal your skin. Your skin’s cells respond to plant signatures and nutrients from the earth far better than synthetic constituents and I believe that healing your skin is possible when you treat it with the remedy it needs.

BEAUTY comes from a life lived in BALANCE and women must learn to honour their TRUE NATURE and create a lifestyle that supports them.

Heidi Gillespie

A Natural approach to Beauty

Hi, I’m Heidi.

My purpose is…

To guide you back into balance and unlock your beauty with:

+ nurturing beauty treatments

+ organic skincare / make-up / personal care prescriptions

+ lifestyle guidance

+ continued education via email and my online blog.

I want to show you that your skin issues shouldn’t be resented or seen as working against you. They’re your friendly sign-posts to tell you when something needs attention within. Your body is always communicating with you, striving for balance, trying (if you’ll allow it) to heal.

My treatments are a space to find restoration and release. To let go and find your centre within. You can tap into your own healing potential if you listen to your inner wisdom and give yourself what you need.

slow down and surrender

you’re in safe hands with me. xxx

I completed my Diploma of BEAUTY THERAPY at Elly Lucas College in Melbourne yr 2000, and began my journey as a therapist learning about the body’s complex systems, massage and facial techniques, the art and application of make-up, nail care and waxing plus the ability to prescribe skincare based on in depth product knowledge.

I was privileged to train initially with two skincare lines – one being organic. I could see and feel the difference and I learnt what each contained. It was this experience alongside an introduction to Aromatherapy that led me further in the direction of organic skincare and natural beauty.

Since then I’ve worked in many Salons and Day Spas around Australia including the Award winning Gaia Retreat & Spa in the Byron Bay Hinterland and one of the popular Endota Day Spas in Melbourne, Fitzroy. During these years I’ve undertaken numerous skincare company trainings (both organic and not) and seen the difference first hand in results using various brands and technologies in many treatments.

So now with all these years in tow, it’s my absolute pleasure to offer you the culmination of experience I’ve gathered over time with my own personally designed treatment menu in my beautiful home salon.

Beauty is your essence: it is accessible to Everyone.


You’ll often find me… 

spending time in NATURE, sipping HERBAL TEAS, reading amazing BLOGS or planning out IDEAS…

I love the warmth of SUNSHINE on my skin, living by the OCEAN and sharing FOOD with FRIENDS…

I hope my journey INSPIRES you to take better CARE of your body and LOVE it for all that it is.


come with me and…

discover your beauty that lies within.